Fiesta Entertainment & Events

Experts in musical entertainment and theming.

PO Box 5535, Terrace End,
Palmerston North 4410

P: 021 0847 8852

Director: Rodger Fox
Office Manager: Eilish Wilson

ENTERTAINERS: Rodger Fox Band, Erna Ferry, Grant Sullivan /Mojo, SterlingHern, Shakin’ Not Stirred, The Richter City Rebels, Rodger Fox & The Bongo Club, Gold Nugget Pawn Shop, Superbad, Nick Granville Solo / Trio Background Music, Eilish Wilson Trio, Fiesta String Quartet

THEMED EVENTS: French Night In A French Café meets Bastille Day Celebration, Art Deco Celebration, Ol’ King Cole, Have Yourself a Swing Merry Christmas, Rodger Fox Big Band, New Year’s Eve / Council Events / Major Corporate, Houstoun Fox Project Maestro meets Maestro, Sinatra Lives, Things are Swingin’, Tribute to Peggy Lee, Elvis Show ‘The King Is Back’.