Kumeu Live

Kumeu Livelogo webOriginal music venue. Folk-Americana-acoustic-alt folk-indie- singer/songwriters and poets.

Kumeu Arts Centre, 300 Main Rd Huapai, Kumeu 0810, Auckland
Post: Guy Wishart c/- Kumeu Arts Centre, as above.

Event Co-ordinator: Guy Wishart
M: 021 922 54
E: guywishart1@gmail.com

Hospitality: Michelle Wishart
Fb: /groups/kumeulive/

Capacity: 80 can be seated comfortably around the stage, 100 with some standing.

Hours: Concerts are generally on Saturday nights starting at 8pm. Fridays and Sundays are also offered if necessary.

Food: Artists receive vegetarian or fish-based meals with drinks based on their preferences. Audience members are able to bring food and drinks to the venue and eat/drink there. No drinks are sold at the venue at this stage.

Sound: JBL 15″ front of house with 18″ active subs, four JBL/Yamaha foldback speakers. Yamaha 24-channel analogue desk with effects and compression/32-band EQ and Behringer X Air XR18 digital mixer.

Lighting: Led spots and par cans with retro floor lamps.

Kumeu Live is a not for profit organisation with the sole purpose of supporting live original music in the developing Kumeu area. It has been running since 2016 and concerts are curated to maintain a high standard of performance. The venue pays artists 80% of ticket revenues after nominal event costs, with a 20% retention for artist hospitality, repairs and upgrades.