Onset Offset

Record label

331 Barbados St, Christchurch
PO Box 2764, Christchurch 8001

P: 027 6177 995
E: berthathecow@xtra.co.nz

Contacts: Campbell McLay, Michael Brathwaite

Distributor: Double-O Music Distributors

Artists: Chris Moore, Sarah Richards, The Bottletops (The B/Ts), Off Tops The Head, Rachel Grant, Ritchie Venus, Sweet City Connection, Sam, Stack Zowie, The Sliders, Vanessa Blondell, Vim, The Strangeloves, Susannah Jackson, The Riptoids, Toerag.

Overseas labels: Behemoth Las Vegas, Unwucht, Father Yod.
Local label: Krypton compilations.