Studio 11B

studio11b-web logoRecording Studio and Rehearsal Facility
11B Macdonald St,
Mount Maunganui, Tauranga

P: (07) 808 1226

Professional quality recording studio and rehearsal facility with a multi room fully isolated layout and mix of vintage analogue and digital equipment. A relaxed and productive environment fuelled by musical enthusiasm.

Live room is a large recording space, acoustically treated and soundproofed. With a high stud ceiling the room lends itself to a large, deep and powerful drum sound, and also works really well for recording full bands live.

The control room utilises the latest in digital recording equipment and computer technology, as well as some of the best outboard rack gear around, built around the jewel in our crown, an original 1983 Trident Series 70 28-channel analogue console.

The completely deadened large vocal booth produces a great dry vocal sound which, coupled with high quality vocal mics, brings vocal performances to life.

Outboard gear includes Manley, Empirical Labs, Neve, HCL and Buzz Audio, plus a large boutique collection suitable for all recording purposes. We’ve also got a swag of cool amps (think vintage Fender Twin, Matchless C30, Tone King, Swart, Roland JC 120, Reinhardt, Aguilar etc.), an even bigger swag of cool guitars (including but not limited to) high quality Fender Tele and Strat, vintage Gibson, Fender and Ibanez, Dano’s, Rickenbacker. Even a Teisco Spectrum 5 and a classic old ’66 Gibson EB2 bass that’s thunderous. More pedal effects than is really necessary thanks to someone’s uncontrollable obsession, so we have anything from the expected (Rat, Boss, Pigtronix) to the out there (Zvex, Moog, Dr Scientist). Very nice Korg and Nord keys too. Also a modest collection of high end drum kits, snares and cymbals.

Rates: Contact us for our very competitive rates.